Pueblo Modernism

Pueblo Modernism

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The Challenge

As part of a continuing commitment to prepare historic context documents about all areas of the city, the City of Pueblo wanted to focus on their Modern history and architecture from 1946 to 1982. This citywide context was launched to increase awareness of and appreciation for the city’s recent past, inspiring community pride.

Our Solution

History Matters produced an historic context document that was thorough, engaging, and accessible to the public. This text explored the theme of the American dream in Pueblo, looking at issues such as housing, employment, education and infrastructure. The photographs of local steel worker turned photographer John Suhay, from the Pueblo County Historical Society, greatly enhanced the visual impact of the Pueblo Modern historic context. Suhay’s iconic images of postwar Pueblo have been featured in the media, including on KRCC public radio.


In addition to the fully illustrated story of Pueblo’s history and architecture, the completed document included both an Architectural Style Guide and a Preservation Action Plan. The style guide provided both narrative descriptions and photographic examples of Pueblo buildings of various Modern styles and types, allowing the general public to identify local examples of the buildings described in the context. The Preservation Action Plan identified and prioritized further initiatives to be completed as follow-on endeavors from the Modernism context.

  • Click here for full historic context: In Pursuit of the American Dream:Pueblo in the Modern Age,1940-1982
  • Click here for Architectural Style Guide
  • Click here for Preservation Action Plan