Marycrest Convent

Marycrest Convent


The Challenge

A local builder is re developing the area at 52nd and Federal in Denver, which includes Marycrest, a six-decade old convent along with the entirety of its grounds. Documentation of the property is needed for the developer to meet legal requirements for recordation prior to significant changes to this historic site. . History Matters hopes the developer will use our report to implement a potential re-use plan to preserve this building and its grounds.

Our Solution

History Matters, working in collaboration with a licensed architect, is implementing a Colorado Type II HABS approach to documenting the entire Marycrest site. The thorough narrative history, architectural description, extensive photo documentation, and measured drawings will show the significance of the both the Motherhouse and the 25-acre cultural landscape.


If the Marycrest convent Motherhouse ultimately is demolished rather than reused, History Matters’ documentation will be the lasting legacy of this important site to the greater Denver Catholic community. The documentation portion of the redevelopment project should be completed by Fall 2012, with an interpretive exhibit of the site history and evolution planned for later in the year. Please check back here for the final findings.