Fort Collins Postwar

Fort Collins Postwar


The Challenge

The City of Ft. Collins sought to document their Post-World War II resources in a climate of ongoing development pressure. They were proactive in recognizing the value and significance of the city’s recent past buildings, but needed to know more about which resources were most worthy of designation or preservation.

Our Solution

Launching into a postwar survey is a daunting task, especially since there was a tremendous amount of building during this prosperous, optimistic period. History Matters started with a citywide reconnaissance, or windshield, survey to get a quick initial assessment of resources constructed during the late-1940s through the 1970s project time frame. HM collaborated closely with the City of Ft. Collins and systematically chose high priority properties to survey at a more intensive level. The properties chosen to be surveyed intensively were an accurate representative sample of architectural expressions in postwar Ft. Collins, including a mix of residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.


The surveys resulted in thorough documentation of 96 individual resources and one postwar subdivision. The completed survey report summarized the project findings, describing the methodology, summarizing the historic context, and listing resources found eligible to the National Register of Historic Places, the Colorado State Register of Historic Properties, and as Fort Collins local landmarks.

  • Click here for full survey report
  • Click here for a sample Architectural Inventory Form
  • Click here for the Post-World War II Residential Suburban Subdivision Form for Reclamation Village