From Surveys to Grant Writing to Consulting, History Matters can do it all.

Presentations and Teaching

History Matters’ staff is available to share their practice experiences and project findings, welcoming opportunities to speak to community groups, students, and other individuals on a wide variety of subjects. They are well informed, articulate, and personable and enjoy the chance to engage others, bringing history to life.

History Matters owner Mary Therese Anstey is an educator at heart with extensive teaching experience. The curriculum she developed for the popular Historical & Architectural Survey Training Initiative (HASTI) can be adapted for students, homeowners, and others interested in learning how to document historic buildings.  She earned a Ph.D. in European Urban Conservation, writing a dissertation on the key characteristics of homeowners in successful home restoration efforts. Her Masters degree in Historic Preservation and Public History allowed her to channel her love of history into the study of tangible resources. Dr. Anstey has an engaging but structured approach, striving to make her classes relevant to all students.