From Surveys to Grant Writing to Consulting, History Matters can do it all.

Grant Writing and Consulting

Historic preservation does not happen without money and acquiring funding for such work can be a daunting task. The grant application process is highly competitive, with a surplus of applicants and deficit of available money.

The History Matters grant writing approach is both consultative and client-focused. We prepare clear, concise, and well-written grant applications, which effectively communicate the benefits of the proposed project. We ensure the grant proposal is complete and comprehensive, presenting the key information grant readers and decision makers require to award funding. We are intimately familiar with the policies and procedures of key grant programs, especially the Colorado State Historical Fund (SHF) and Certified Local Government (CLG), and can guide clients from original project idea to successful award of funding.

History Matters gives your project the edge in the competitive grants application process. We are known for:

  • Our perspective gained from reading grants and offering advice for application improvement
  • Our thorough understanding of granting processes and willingness to assist clients with appropriate prioritization.
  • Our consultative approach and commitment to presenting your project in the most competitive manner