About Us


History Matters was established in 2010 as a resource-focused historic preservation firm committed to providing clients with useful, informative, thoroughly researched final products.  Our mission is to serve clients interested in learning more about, preserving, and promoting the unique history of their buildings, sites, neighborhoods, and communities.  We not only understand preservation best practices but also tailor the available approaches to both the particular project goals and client needs. We take pride in applying our knowledge, background, and education to each project. As the firm name implies, we are passionate about history and believe the past is and should remain relevant to a contemporary audience. History Matters strives to create products which benefit the public, can be used in the interpretation of resources, and lead to wise decision-making.


History Matters’ founder, Dr. Mary Therese Anstey, brings over sixteen years of experience in the historic preservation field to all of her projects. Before establishing HistoryMatters, she served as the Historical & Architectural Survey Coordinator in the Colorado State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) where she was responsible for enhancing both the accuracy and quality of all data collected as part of grant-funded historical & architectural survey products. Dr. Anstey has worked with local communities across Colorado to explain and help initiate historic preservation projects. She is a dynamic speaker and a dedicated, hard-working professional.